Available courses

UK Level 1 Certificate Hospitality

You have unique opportunity of completing the necessary requirement of the UK level 1 programme in certificate in introduction to the hospitality industry on self-paced and self learn structure and develop a broad range of skills.

UK Level 1 Certificate Horticulture

Career path in Horticulture is only limited by interest and motivations: many career pathways can be taken with this programme as your foundation given you the necessary workplace career – based competencies in professionallising your existing farming experience.

Certified Payroll Practitioner: Administrations And Processing

This specialised payroll certification programme is brought to you by EDUK8U Grad School Asia & TVET School Asia and aims to enhance the practitioners to develop competencies in line with Malaysian labour ordinances and statutory requirements. Persons filling in the role for payroll are typically not fully aware of the technicalities surrounding Ordinary wages definition. Read more 

Certified Semiconductor Line Specialist Technical Programme

By doing this programme, you get to discover the semiconductor industry, how emerging digital technology such as 5G is fuelling its growth, and what its future looks like. From smartphones to cars, manufacturers in the semiconductor industry are ramping up to meet the world’s increasing demand for chips. This is your chance to establish your career within this sector.